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More than 30 years of experience in creating products for the needs of advertising business, original music, video production and animation for radio, television, performing arts and the Internet.
We deeply understand the need to apply an individual approach and valid solutions to our clients. The development of wholly authoritative products allows us to be flexible in decisions optimally filling the budget.
Designing, creating and maintaining content for interactive applications, multimedia information channels, organizing and conducting events, festivals, and specific campaigns.
High technical literacy for all areas of the services we provide. This enables us to offer professional advice and reasoned opinions before engaging in a specific task.


Listen to Media Frames’ music production, share and follow artists on your preferred social networks and streaming platforms.


Check out the DJ Sets of our contributing artists, share and follow them to become part of our community.


Play our selection of videos created by us and customized for specific purposes, such as television, stage arts and digital signage.


Browse Media Frames’ design through the image gallery and enjoy our selected graphic works and visual art.


Join us! Be our guest and share your positive vibes with others.


All the equipment we use for our live events can be rented, but always with our on-site service.

Rent audio and multimedia equipment, RGB lasers, LED-DMX controled lights, and more.

We can also offer you a serious set of services for organizing and conducting your event.

Contact us for details.