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RudeBrutal – Continuum (feat. Light Of Tash)
house | indie | electronica

RELEASED BY: Media Frames
RELEASE DATE: 2nd November 2014

Light Of Tash a.k.a. Kopriva is a street performer musician. She is also known as “One girl orchestra”. She creates her music live with the help of vocal effects with her vocal processor. She doesen’t use premade recordings or samples and a big part of her work is based on improvising with loops, which she creates in realtime. It’s hard to define the her style, because in her music she mixes a lot of things, creating her own style of trip-hop, chillout and psychidelic. Some people define her music as “Jazz mixed with Voodoo”.

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Light Of Tash a.k.a. Kopriva
RudeBrutal - Continuum feat. Light Of Tash (HDIYH Remix)
Continuum (HDIYH Remix)

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